Next year in Bombay

Sharon and Sharona are the last educators of their Indian Jewish community, the Bene Israel, which has been residing in the Bombay region for 2000 years. Strongly Zionists, they are also committed to their community’s needs. Whose education will they sacrifice, their children or their peers ?

Official selections:
Palm Springs International Film Festival, Mumbai MAMI Film Fest, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Stuttgart Indian Film Festival, Cairo Documentary Festival, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival…

A film directed by Jonas Parienté and Mathias Mangin
Coproduced with Les Poissons Volants (Sophie Goupil)

Image: Mathias Mangin, Jonas Parienté
Assistant directors: Savitri Medhatul
Editor: Luc Forveille
Video editing consultant: Kelly Anderson
Music: Raphael Elig
Graphic design: Lagraph
Line producer: Nawal Tahiri
Production assistant: Joe Botbol