À notre tour !

After Les guerrières de la paix, À notre tour ! is the second film by Hanna Assouline.

It features a young group of Jews and Arabs in their twenties who are determined to overcome divisions and change mentalities. On the road of France, they travel together to meet their fellow citizens in order to address without judgment all the subjects that cause anger and to reengage dialogue.

While the film make a chilling portrait of antisemitism and racism in France, it also shows that there is hope by meeting and knowing the Other.

In 2022, the film is extended to an impact campaign (see “Communities”) supported by the DILCRAH, Storyboard Collective and Les Napoléons.

A film directed by Hanna Assouline
Coproduced by Gogogo Films (Carine Ruszniewski) and Chaï Chaï (Jonas Parienté, Déborah da Silva)
Broadcasters: France 3 Pays de Loire, Public Sénat, France 24

Creative consultant: Aude Thuries
Image: Olivier Duval, Mischa Nick-Belkhodja, Mickael Sultan
Sound: Magali Gillon, Yanis Do Couto, Thibaut Clerc, Julien Bacquart
Sound assistant: Matthias Arrignon
Editor: Pauline Casalis
Assistant editors: Emmanuelle Gachet, Quentin Navarro
Line producer: Coralie Dias
Production manager: Louise Bansard
Production assistant: Manon Bosso
Color grading: Inês Loura
Original music: Nicolas Mollard
Additional music: Cezame Music Agency