In early 2022, the collective SISTA (empowering women entrepreneurs) and Mirova Forward (a sustainable fund) launched the #IfHeWereShe campaign. The goal was to highlight – in a comedic manner – how women entrepreneurs are interviewed in mainstream and specialized media.

In the film, a fake comedian asks some of France’s most successful male entrepreneurs increasingly sexist questions. How were you treated after your paternity leave? What’s your advice to young male entrepreneurs? What’s your morning routine?

The campaign became an internet sensation within hours, piling up 5 million organic views. It was also awarded a Silver Prize at the Grand Prix Stratégies.

Directed by Jonas Parienté and Benjamin Gauthier.
Produced by Malmö Productions (Shirley Kohn).

Starring Allison Chassagne
Director of photography: Olivier Weinheimer
Sound: Colin Larchet
Make up: Mélissa Landron, Fiona Rossini
Camera assistant, color grading and motion design: Hélibert Fini
Editing assistant: Aymeric Lemarchand
Production manager: Aida El Mandri