Agence Française de Développement


September 2021, we got a brief from AFD to “create a new format dedicated to involvement for Tilt”. If you don’t know, Tilt is their media devoted to 15-25 year olds. “The idea is to highlight the different forms of activism and to provide practical help to all those who would like to get involved at their individual level.”

We decided to suggest them a web series that would use the Youtube tutorials codes, portrayed by a young, funny and charismatic comedian.

This is how the web series Flemme ou flamme ?, starring the amazing Louisa Karamane, came to life. The 7 episodes – which address themes such as food, fast-fashion, international volunteering or activism on campus – are all available here.

Directors: Jonas Parienté, Hélibert Fini
Writing: Benjamin Stock, Louisa Karamane
Comedian: Louisa Karamane
AD, motion design : Hélibert Fini
Assistant editors : Aymeric Lemarchand, Lucie Clavier
Production manager : Aida El Mandri

Special Thanks : Solène Graille, Elisa Rullaud, Myriam Dahman, Gérald Bénaïm, Sammy Ouakès